What are the characteristics of the perfect bag ? For every woman the bag is an indispensable accessory. No matter if it is a sack bag, a backpack or a mini-bag, every woman cannot give up on it. Practicality and beauty are the guidelines which oriented our job of artisans. When creating our products we have looked for comfort and practicality, we analysed fashion trends and we discovered the latest collections. Nowadays, we want to add another fundamental component to our products: sustainability.


THE LEATHER. Our first commitment is looking for the best raw materials. The leather used for Fuoco Aria Acqua’s bags come from Italian tanneries committed to sustainability and oriented towards socio and economic protection. GruppoMastrotto is our main supplier and it deals with the whole process of tanning starting from the raw materials. The group was awarded with the main international certifications related to sustainability, such as ISO9001 and ISO14001, and it is known for its continuous research of new technologies applied to the tanning process.

We are also committed to reducing waste. Fuoco Aria Acqua gives birth to the leather left unutilized by famous brands. In our workshop these kinds of scraps are re-utilized and transformed into new bags and accessories.


THE PRODUCTION. All our bags and accessories are designed and created in our workshop in Rome. Gerardo, our artisan, studies theLaboratorio Pelletteria Roma Italy products and creates them with passion and attention to details.

The production process and the singularity of raw material make every product unique, available in few pieces and, most of all, customizable based on our customers’ requests. We choose quality materials with a high attention to our impact.

Nothing is wasted…. With the leather in surplus from the production process we create original accessories such as wallets, keyrings and belts!!


OUR VALUES. We are a family company, entrenched to our territory and to our culture. Every piece we produce contains a part of us: craftsmanship, passion, care. We believe in the true Made in Italy, in the protection of our territory and in transparency. We want the consumers to be aware of what is behind our products and for this reason we guarantee the highest standard of transparency. For this reason, our shop is open to everyone! Here, you will enjoy our artisan Gerardo at work, you will touch the leathers we use and will admire the production process of your products.

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