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Living through times where we seem to have everything (and more), we tend to struggle when gift shopping. Finding a present that is original, and both useful and appreciated has become quite stressful.

So for your next purchase, why not go for artisanal leather?



Leather gifts are a definite go-to, and are always loved whenever received. Communions, weddings, baptisms, you name it, these leather additions will do the trick.

Made by hand and with prime material are what make our leather creations special, and more importantly a lifelong gift.



When thinking of party favors, what you need is something that will leave its mark. Whether you’re handing it out at a wedding, graduation, baptism, communion, or anything else, a leather bomboniera is what you need. Not only will the guests be surprised by it, you can make it even more special by personalizing it. We boast different kinds of leather, allowing you to choose what you like best. From smooth, shiny, suede, pigmented, cavallina, and maculata our leather is one of a kind. Don’t forget to look at all the colors each leather is available in as well!

With so many available textures and colors, Fuoco Aria Acqua is able to offer many different combinations. For example, our Rose Portachiavi is a beloved and unique keychain many have chosen before. You will also find other options like our classic coin purses, more keychains, lucky charms, coin trays, and more. Of course, each party favor comes elegantly decorated and paired with candy and confetti as well.

Pick and choose what you like best for your next party, and customize it your way.

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