New York – Linea Pelle Fair

Trends Winter 17/18


Invites us to explore new horizons of perception through colour and materials. Variations in tone and surfaces express new forms of sensibility.

Sensations of colour: a feeling of vagueness expressed in lighter and smokier tones, which move through the nuances of greys and pastels created with veiling and transparencies. A feeling of winter darkness to describe off-black, gradations of colour, but tending towards black, dark enough to be neutral, beautiful matched with touches of warm lights in purplish reds and orange. The energy of strong and vibrant colour can be used in joyful fields or to make the new darker atmospheres more interesting.

Sensations of materials: tactile softness explored in velvety aspects, dusts and luminous shine will be found in basics, veiled shading will renew more natural materials.

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