Acid green is a fluorescent and eccentric shade, which is often difficult to wear due to its intensity. This has not stopped the designers, who have chosen this among the many shades of green for the Spring Summer 2020 collections.                                                                                                                    

Green is one of the most loved colors ever, from acid green, a real must for the 2020 summer season, to Tiffany and lime with a scent of mojito, be careful to combine it with the most suitable shades!

A fundamental rule for the less experienced is to combine colors with each other for the same intensity and brilliance. The bright colors go with the bright colors and the soft colors with the soft ones. For example, I strongly advise against combining fluorescent green with pale pink. In this case it would be better to combine it, for example, a military green color or a purple Here under a table where you can combine green, of course a single-color clothing is recommended that can range from yellow, to dark green up to blue / purple.

Perfect with jeans trousers but also with a black dress, the important thing is combined with an accessory (necklace, bracelet, earrings) or a make up.

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